Beauty ‘n Fashion : Maybelline – Brow Drama


Last year I bought a Mac eyebrow set of which you can read the review here. I have used it for nearly one year! But then it was finished and I was looking for something new… And that something new came in this ‘crayon’ from Maybelline!

I never overdo my eyebrows as I think that looks a bit weird and too made up. But a little help is welcome as my eyebrows are very fair! The eyebrow set from Mac was good, but you had to put it on very carefully not to have too much product on your eyebrows. Sometimes I ended up with two eyebrows that didn’t exactly match as one brow had too much product and the other… well… too little and sometimes I just couldn’t get them right! Especially on mornings where I didn’t feel very awake it could be tricky to have a matching pair of eyebrows 😉

It was my daughter who bought this Maybelline crayon first and after I tried hers, I wanted to buy one for myself, but in a lighter shade as my hair is fairer than hers.


The right eye (left on this picture…) is not coloured in.


Here you see the soft brown colour of the crayon.














So here’s what I think of the Maybelline Browdrama pommade/crayon


  • Comes in several shades so you can pick out the one that matches your eyebrows.
  • Colours in really good.
  • Easy to ‘tame’ your eyebrows as the crayon is a bit greasy.
  • Shapes your brows easily.
  • If you happen to colour outside the lines, you can fix it easily with a Q-tip.
  • Easy to use… much easier than those eyebrow kits in my opinion 🙂
  • At 8,99 EUR you’ve got a good deal!


  • When it’s warm the crayon tends to melt a bit. You could put it in the fridge to prevent this.


I can really recommend this crayon, especially to those who are not so handy…like yours truly 🙂

Which product do you use to colour in your eyebrows?

Let me know… I’m always eager to find out about new beauty products!

Love, Kathleen

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4 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion : Maybelline – Brow Drama

  1. Klinkt goed, maar zou niets voor mij zijn aangezien ik wel van mooi bijgetekende wenkbrauwen hou. Ik zweer echt bij mijn Catrice wenkbrauwsetje en dan een doorzichtige wenkbrauwgel om alles mooi op zijn plaats te houden 🙂 ik heb al eens een dun wenkbrauwpotloodje geprobeerd, maar ik vind het niet zo handig. 😊

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    1. Het is inderdaad minder precies omdat het een vrij dik potlood is, maar voor mij is dat prima… ik heb geen zin om er te lang tijd in te steken… tot ik dat Catrice wenkbrauwsetje eens uitgetest heb waarschijnljk 😀 ! Groetjes, Kathleen

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