Talks from the heart… Donna Karan

“Delete the negative, accentuate the positive.” – Donna Karan


Have you ever heard an advise as simple as this one… but yet so true?! It’s so spot on and the funny part is that you can relate thise quote on absolutely everything!

You’re either a pessimist or an optimist… your glass is half emtpy or half full… I prefer the latter to be honest and I’m pro optimism!

I must admit that there are times where I fail at this entire optimism-thing… big time… but I do try to see the best of things as much as possible. Because when you accentuate the positive, you automatically come in a positive vibe, which makes you feel so much better.

Looking at things in a positive way makes you happier, makes you feel more alive, makes you feel stronger and more confident.

It all comes to the same in the end you know… so bring on that half full glass I’d say (and preferably filled with a nice Côte du Rhone 🙂 ).

Love, Kathleen

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