Beauty ‘n Fashion: My nighttime ritual


When there is only one beauty top tip to give, I want to emphasize the importance of cleansing your face every night before going to bed. I know it can be really tempting to just slip underneath your sheets… especially when it’s 4 am and those wine, beers or cocktails have tasted too good to be true…

But believe me… your older self will be ever so thankful if you do put a bit of effort in your nighttime ritual… so that’s why I want to share with you mine 🙂

Step 1


I always start with an eye make-up remover. I am currently using this Skin Naturals Waterproof  2 in 1 eye make-up lotion from Garnier. You can read a review about this lotion next week, so stay tuned!

Step 2


Now step 2 varies on the mood I’m in, but especially on the level of tiredness!

I usually remove my make-up a couple of hours before going to bed and then I use the Perfectly Clean multi-action cleansing gelée/refiner from Estée Lauder. I really think this is a top product. It contains these tiny little particles which give my skin a very soft peeling whilst cleansing… and I always like multi-usage products!! You can read the full review here.

This cleanser also comes in another version, with a mask instead of a peeling. I alternately buy these products. You can read a review from the Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean multi-action foam cleanser/purifying mask here.

On late nights however, or when I’m very tired, I prefer a quicker method and I use a micellar water. I have used several micellar waters since I’m blogging and I have written a review about all of them:

Step 3


After cleansing my face I put on 2 L’Oréal products of which you find the link to my review below. I really like both products and I am actually really pleased with the L’Oréal products as they offer really good quality for a very competitive price.

Step 4


On my nighttable there are a couple of more products…

  • a foot cream: most nights (especially in summer) I use a foot cream to keep my feet soft and moisturized
  • a hand cream: I always use a hand cream before going to bed. A couple of weeks ago you could read about my 2 favourite hand creams. The one on my nighttable is the one from Mylène.
  • a lip balm: I like to smear a good dollop of lip balm or vaseline on and around my lips before going to bed to keep them well and truly hydrated during the night. At the moment I am using this lovely smelling raspberry lip butter from Labello.

And so this is my nighttime ritual… it sounds awfully elaborate I know… but don’t be alarmed… this ritual only takes me a couple of minutes  🙂

So tell me about your nighttime ritual! What secrets do you have? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read about my ‘at home facial’.

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