Beauty ‘n Fashion: Closet sale find


A couple of weeks ago I spent my Sunday afternoon in the most fabulous way… what that has got to do with today’s outfitpost you can read here 🙂

I have been following Greet Moens from ‘word wie je bent‘ on Instagram for some time now (journeyofastylist). I like her lively, bubbly and colourful style…  You should really take a look at her Instagram account… her outfits just make you happy! So when I saw that she was doing a closet sale I really wanted to go!

And I had several reasons… first and foremost… I love doing a bargain… (as some you may already know!), second of all… I was sure Greet would have some fabulous things to sell and last but not least it was the perfect excuse for an afternoon out with my two sisters!

When we arrived at Greet’s house, we were welcomed warmly. I hadn’t met her yet, but it was as though we already knew eachother as we follow eachother on Instagram. It really does make you connect easier with people you know, so if you haven’t got an IG account, why don’t you put one up! You can follow me too you know… just click here 🙂

Whilst sipping our glass of bubbles, Greet was showing us around the place. She told us what she was selling and why, giving some styling advice here and there.

We started browsing the racks of clothes she had put up in her living room and soon I had some items hanging over my arm… time to fit some of these precious finds I’d say!

When I put on this beautiful teal dress, a smile came on my face… excellent fit, perfect cut for my body type, flashy colour ànd at a fraction of the original price… I was sold immediately… and so was the dress 😀


This dress (don’t you just love that cut-out pattern!) from Warehouse can be worn throughout the year. I’m sure I will wear it next spring and summer, but I will definitely not leave it hanging in my closet this fall and winter! It will certainly bring some colour during those dark and gloomy days that are lying ahead of us.

For today’s oufitpost I style the dress a bit less colourful than Greet would (sorry Greet… I’ll try and do my best to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe especially in winter…). I’m wearing it with black… black tights, black mary-janes, black bolero, black earrings, black bracelet and my sweetest little black handbag 🙂

And although a pop of colour in my accessories would ‘ve looked great, I really think that combining this colourful dress with just black, makes it stand out even more.

I already wore this outfit to work and I got heaps of compliments! People who otherwise don’t say anything about my clothes now gave me compiments on my dress. Needless to say I beamed all day 😀

I bought two more things during that closet sale (a sleeveless blazer and a playsuit), but more on them in later outfitposts, I promise!

Thank you once again Greet for a lovely afternoon… the styling tips you gave, the bubbles and the bargains!

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another brightly coloured dress I love…











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