Beauty ‘n Fashion: MUA – Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder


At the beginning of the year I bought this rather exclusive and glam Yves Saint Laurent powder : the face palette collecter gypsy opale. You can read my review about this product here.

A couple of months ago I finished this powder and when I saw the MUA Pro-Base Prime and Conceal Powder in my local drugstore I wanted to give it a try… just to compare two similar products with a not so similar price… 

This MUA powder is said to correct, even out and illuminate your skin tone. The powder can be used on its own or you can put it over your makeup.  One of the main ingredients is ‘mica’, a purified and crushed earth mineral.
Each colour has a specific use:
  • Green : corrects redness
  • Purple : clarifies – anti-dullness
  • Peach: brightens up the darkness on your skin
  • Yellow : radiates – highlighter
Now you could use each colour on specific areas of your face, but I don’t think that would give the wanted effect. If that’s what you are looking for, you’d better look out for a concealer kit (MUA also has one of those, but I haven’t tried that out yet).
I use this powder after applying my foundation and  concealer. I take a big brush, mix all the colours together and powder it all over my face to set my make-up.
When using this powder, make sure to build up. The first times I used it, I put on too much and that was just too dark for my complexion…



  • Definitely the price… at only 6,49 EUR this is definitely very cheap for a face powder. And as my local drugstore often does these promotions, I can even buy it for less!
  • Gives an even finish.
  • Lasts for several hours. A touch up at noon might be necessary.
  • Basic but practical package.
  • The colours have a good pigmentation.
  • I was afraid it being such a cheap powder, that my face would look too powdery… but that is not the case at all!


  • The mica in the product normally gives a sparkly effect, but this powder is quite matte. It doesn’t work on the éclat like the YSL powder does.


I must admit that the YSL powder is better… fortunately I’d say… as the price difference is very big. It’s definitely the little sparkling bits that give a much nicer finish in my opinion.

This MUA powder however is great quality in its price range… so when you don’t want to spend too much money on your make-up (or when it’s the end of the month…) this definitely is a good choice! And if you’ve got some cash to spend, why don’t you buy the YSL palette for the weekends?!

Which powder do you use? Let me know!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review about a highlighter I like using.


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