Talks from the heart… Old friends

Cheers… to golden friends!

“Make new friends, but keep the old; those are silver, these are gold” – Joseph Parry

Last Saturday I got the pleasure to have a day out with some friends that are pure gold to me… my 2 sisters, my sister-in-law and another friend of mine… we all go waaaaaaay back…

My sisters and I decided on going on a daytrip the three of us… but once we started planning, we decided to ask two of our best friends to join us.

First of all it is such a treasure to have my two sisters as my two closest friends. We are so lucky we get on so well. We can really say anything to eachother, we trust eachother, we like spending time together and there never ever is awkwardness between us. We just feel eachother so well…

Then there is my sister-in-law, who has been one of my best friends before she even was my sister-in-law… how lucky can one be that one of your best friends becomes your sister-in-law?! We’ve got so much in common…  and every family gathering is a party on its own. My sisters and sister-in-law are friends too so that makes it even more fun 🙂

And my other friend, well she actually is a far relative of me and my sisters ànd also a good friend of my sister-in-law. We don’t see eachother very much, but everytime we do see eachother, we just click and we get on so well… and isn’t that what true friendship is all about?

We have all known eachother for years and years… When we were teenagers, we all went out in the same youth club of the village I grew up in and we spent heaps of weekends hanging out together and with other friends. We went on weekend breaks together, we attented eachothers’ weddings, we partied together, we planned things to do in the youth club,…

Our daytrip from last Saturday was yet another day in our lives to remember. We chattered away all day long.

As we are all in our mid- to late forties now, we all have had our fair share of good and bad luck, but in our hearts we still are those 17- 18-, 19-year olds having fun at our youth club… we still laugh with the silliest things, we still care for eachother and we just know that we can rely on eachother.

It really is a treasure to have lifelong friends… they help you keep your feet on the ground, they are a shoulder to cry on, a partner in crime, they know when to talk and when to shut up… they really are golden…

Love, Kathleen



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