Beauty ‘n Fashion: Cats on my dress


Today’s outfitpost is all about this fun and crazy cat dress I bought at H&M…

When I saw this dress at H&M the bold print immediately had my attention… Now I am not really a cat-person. I like cats and whenever I see one I have to pet it of course, but that’s it actually. I really don’t want pets of my own, but a cat on my dress is another thing of course  🙂

Now I’m not afraid of wearing bold prints as you could see in this post about my flamingo-dress and this post about a coat with flying storks… and now my collection is extended with this cat dress.

This dress is so bold in itself that I only wear a couple of blue glass earrings with it. I got these earrings from my lovely Aussie friend Katelijne. The blue of the earrings comes back in the blue eyes of the cats on my dress.

My black Wolford tights, black Esprit saddlebag and my black Tamaris ankle booties complete this look.

What do you think of this bold cat-dress? Would you wear it?

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see a post about a bold skirt!







Photography: Peter Kluskens

8 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Cats on my dress

  1. This dress is amazing! You are going to laugh as I also took a car dress on holiday with me this time and will be showing it later on this week :D. The peak district is really pretty and not too far from where I am in the UK. Have a great day! Gemma x

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    1. I will definitely see it popping up on Jacquard Flower then! We loved the Peak soooo much… it should be on anyone’s ‘to visit’ list! I am really doing my best trying to convince my fellow Belgians to visit England as it is so beautiful… they rather go to France or Italy… but I keep trying 😀 Love, Kathleen


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