Talks from the heart… A hot bath…

A hot bath... some candles... a fine red... and spotify... what a way to end the weekend 😊 love, Kathleen #blog #thegoodthefabandthelovely #blogger #belgianblogger #belgischeblogger #lazysunday #sundays #sunday #sunyay #bath #bathtime #bubbles #cand
“There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.” – Sylvia Plath

Oh my… the wonders of a hot bath… I cannot count the hours that I have soaked in one!  

It is one of the many pleasures of the colder months (in summer I rarely take a bath… I prefer a cold shower then!). So once September has well and truly started, I spend many evenings in my bathroom.

 I have done this for years now. I used to take a long hot bath on a Friday evening… my husband went to a football game, my kids sat in front of the telly whilst I was pruning away … My kids were still quite young then, but they were usually very good those Friday evenings. I spoiled them with some crisps and a fun movie and they knew that they could always bother me… but only for an emergency. I never ever had to come down you know!! It’s like they felt how important that one hour of pure and utter bliss was for me.

 These days I don’t have to worry about my kids whist I’m in my bath as they’re all grown up now. I make a ritual out of it… dimming the lights… making the water as hot as possible… using a bath foam which gives excessive bubbles and has a lovely smell… putting on a cd with some jazz or listening to a playlist on spotify… putting on a face mask.. lighting some candles and sipping on a glass of red…

I usually lay in my bath for at least 45 mins. Whilst soaking in my bath I let my mind wander away… thinking about the past week, about the next week, making plans for whatever comes in my mind,…

This bath ritual is really important to me. I need it to free my mind of all the stress of the past days… and it makes me feel refreshed and new!

Love, Kathleen

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