Talks from the heart… Sundays

“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content” 

I like Sundays… but I guess I am not the only one… 

I like staying in bed just that bit longer… getting up to go for a run… taking a shower… spending my afternoon in a totally relaxed way… sometimes alone, but most of the time with the family or with friends…

Having a drink here or there… staying at home in front of the telly with a bag of crisps and a glass of fine wine… visiting my parents or going to an event…

Going for a walk and coming home to drink some hot chocolate…

Checking some blogs… watching a film… taking a long and relaxing bath with some nice jazz in the background…

Yip… if my Sunday is well spent with activities which make me recharge my batteries… I sure can make it through another busy week!

And how about you? How do you like to spend your Sunday? How do you recharge those batteries to get through another week? Let me know in the comments below!

Love, Kathleen

PS: this picture was taken during a lovely Sunday walk.

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