Beauty ‘n Fashion: Gel nails in 2016


Last year I already did a post on gel nails. And as 2016 is coming to its end, I will share with you pictures of my gel nails of the last 12 months…

Before going to Claudia, my nail artist, I always browse Pinterest on the latest trends in nail art. I have tested her skills on many occassions, but she is very good, very patient and very precise. So far she has never disappointed me! Everytime I am always so chuffed with the result 🙂

So here’s a review of 2016… I could not tell you which look is my favourite… but I love the deep red, the classic French, the vibrant orange and the charcoal ‘n white!

And on the last picture, you can also see a beautiful necklace Claudia made. She is soooo creative… I love this classy necklace so much! It was the perfect accessory for my Christmas outfit (see the entire outfit here!).

1. deep red
2. clean French
3. funky purple
4. denim blue
5. gold and sparkly
6. turquoise and gold
7 pink French
8. vibrant orange
9. red
10. charcoal ‘n white
11. taupe ‘n chocolate
12. heather ‘n glitter
Fab red ‘n gold (by the way, the necklace is made by my nailartist… isn’t she creative?!)

Do you have gel nails? What’s your favourite look?

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see last year’s post about my gel nails.

5 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Gel nails in 2016

    1. Ik doe dit nu ongeveer anderhalf jaar en zou niet meer zonder kunnen… ik had vreselijke nagels. Ze braken altijd af en als ik ze lakte bleef de nagellak er nooit langer goed op zitten dan laat ons zeggen twee uur… Ik vind het zalig dat mijn nagels er nu altijd zo verzorgd uit zien. Jammer dat je er niet tegen kon!! Bedankt om een kijkje te komen nemen op mijn blog 🙂 Groetjes, Kathleen


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