Beauty : Gel nails


Today’s beauty post is all about my gel nails of which I am so proud every single time!!

I have always had fragile nails. They would crack or split, so I had to keep them super short and even then my nails would tear off. This could be really painful sometimes and it was just plain ugly.

I put on nail hardener or nail polish to make my nails a bit stronger, but nothing helped. If I used coloured nailpolish, the polish would come off after just a couple of hours and my nails never ever looked neat.

Needless to say that I always envied women with perfectly polished nails! And when I’m writing this down, I am thinking why the hell did I wait so long before getting my nails professionaly done as well ?!

So finally, in the spring of this year, I went to the nail stylist my colleague recommended and I have not regretted it for a single moment!

Besides ending up with beautiful nails, going to Claudia, the nail stylist, is also a bit therapeutic.

I have been going several times straight after work, sometimes with a massive headache (especially in the time where I was still recovering from my burn-out), but after my visit to Claudia, that headache always mysteriously vanished… it’s cheaper than a therapist ànd you leave with perfect nails 😀

Every 4 weeks, I end up with a new colour on my nails… Over the past months I have tried various colours… dark purple, light pink, ink blue, several kinds of french manicures, marsala and now for the festive season I have chosen a dark olive green glittery colour and an accent nail in gold glitters. I absolutely love it!!

I am once again chuffed with the result and, as always, I can’t stop looking at my nails.. bring on the parties!

Do you like gel nails? Do you experiment with colours and glitters or do you keep it simple? Do tell in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Have you seen my party make-up already?

I absolutely love this sparkly french manicure!
Fab red nails!
This soft pink was perfect for summer.
The first fall manicure I had, I went for this beautiful marsala.
Another beautiful summer colour : coral!
I love this soft heather colour.

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