Beauty ‘n Fashion: Worth the investment


I like to do bargains… I rarely pay a lot of money for my clothes or accessories, but on some items I think it is worth to pay just that little bit more… read on as I will tell you what I think is worth the investment!

And yes… I do see this as an investment as on the long run. In honestly believe that these items will save you money!

1.Wolford stockings


I cannot tell you how many stockings I have bought in my life, but it’s a lot… believe me…

And then I bought my first pair of Wolfords about 4 years ago… what a glorious moment that was 🙂 I only bought the Wolford stockings as I had a serieus discount because of my loyalty card, but after buying that first pair, I soon bought another pair and I wore these stockings alternatively… washing them every other day!

I can honestely say that I still have these stockings even though they are 4 years old and I must have washed them at least 200 times!

Ever since I realised how good these stockings are (especially those from 40 and 50 denier), I have bought a couple of new Wolfords to enlarge my collection and even though one pair costs me about 30 EUR, I haven’t regretted it for a cent!

These stockings are worth their money… and no… this is not a sponsored post by Wolford…


A good bra and good knickers are worth their money… period! Especially when, like me, you’re not 3×7 anymore! It is so important that everything is supported REALLY well! Sideboobs, underboobs, double chicken fillets, camel toes,… these things are to be avoided at all cost if you want to show off that beautiful blouse or that ab fab jumpsuit… My advise is that you should buy your lingerie at a shop where there are professionals to help you buy the right size… because most of us women buy the wrong size of bra you know! Every bra(nd) is different, so everytime you buy a bra try it on and make sure to get that professional advise!

3.A black blazer

Yes… I’ve got an H&M blazer that only cost me 30 EUR… but I also bought one from Twin Set during the sales which cost me 150 EUR! I must say that the cut, the fabric, the details and the quality of the latter is at least 20 times better than the H&M option…

A black blazer is the perfect item to buy during the sales… it never ever goes out of style and it pays off to spend that little bit more…

4.A trenchcoat


I dreamed of a classic trench for several years… and last year at Maasmechelen Outlet Village I finally bought one 😀 I am soooo over the moon with it!

The colour is perfect (not too bright), the fabric is of the very best quality (it really is very robust), and the finishing touches are just out of this world (I can button up this trench in I don’t know how many ways!).

The trench still cost me about 250 EUR. I don’t know the original price any more, but I do know that it was over 600 EUR… and I would never ever pay that much money for a coat… but I did pay 250 EUR and I am glad I did.

The coat is such a classic… it will last for years and years!


When I was in my teens and twenties, I used to buy these really cheap shoes… and I mean REALLY cheap… like 20 EUR a pair or something…

I must say that they often looked more expensive, and they often were quite comfortable… but sometimes they gave me so much pain!!

As I got older,  I began to put comfort first… I didn’t want blisters and bunions… I wanted comfort! So the shoes I buy know are not mega-expensive… definitely not… but they are made of real leather… and they are of such a quality that I can wear them for days on end… I’m done with buying shoes that aren to 100% comfortable!

I often buy my shoes on the first day of the sales… that way, I can buy shoes that normally cost 250 EUR for a fraction of the price 🙂

6.A winter coat


It’s been a while since I have bought a new winter coat… and that’s all because of the quality of the coats I’ve been buying the last couple of years.

When I buy a winter coat, I want it to last for at least 3 full winters… And I always look for something special, whether it is the collar like in above image, or the colour as in the image on top of this post…

7.A classic handbag

Normally I don’t pay much for a handbag, but once in a while I make an exception… Mind, I stay clear from the Diors and Chanels as they are slightly (!) over my budget, but I have bought a Natan and a Michael Kors, just because those are timeless pieces of fashion. Surprise, surprise, I have bought these during the sales… You probably already know that I rarely pay full price… why pay 400 EUR when you can get it for 150 EUR?! 😛

So, those are 7 items that I  think they are definitely worth the investment… any thoughts?? Leave them in the comments below this post!

Love, Kathleen

6 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Worth the investment

    1. Same here!!! I have set my eyes on a Liu Jo… didn’t buy it, regretted it… couldn’t find it online and just today I went to a boutique and it was sold out… grrrrr!!!! I hope to find it elsewhere… fingers crossed!! Love, Kathleen

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    1. Yip indeed! Same here 🙂 There are a couple of cheaper brands that I like (like Tamaris), but when I want a more expensive pair I usually wait for the first day of the sales. Thanks for the read! Kathleen

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