Trips ‘n Travels: France: Paris in a day – The alternative itinerary

Canal St-Martin

To conclude this serie of ‘Paris in a day’ a final post on how to spend a day in Paris…
Two weeks ago I gave you plenty of tips on how to plan your daytrip to Paris and last week you could read all about an itinerary which covered the Parisian highlights. Well today I will give you an alternative itinerary, which will show a slightly different Paris.

1.Arriving in Paris

Bateaux Mouches, where the bus drops us off.

As I told you last week, when I’m going to Paris for a day, I travel with Slangen Reizen, a Dutch bus company. The bus drops us off at Bateaux Mouches.

On arrival at Bateaux Mouches, go towards the metro at Champs Elysées Clemenceau and travel to Ternes (you’ll have to change at Charles de Gaulle Etoile). On arrival at Ternes, go towards Rue Poncelet. In this street there are several delicatessen shops.

Buy some cheese, a French baguette and a bottle of wine. Bring some plastic wine glasses and a corkscrew… you’re ready for a picknick… but first a bit of culture!


2.Musée Nissim de Camondo and picknick at Parc Monceau

Not far from Rue Poncelet is Musée Nissim de Camondo. I haven’t visited this museum yet, but it’s still on my list.

When in Paris for only a day, it’s impossible to visit one of the larger museums like the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay. But the Musée Nissim de Camondo is much smaller, so perfect to do on a daytrip! It is an elegant house museum wich has a lovely collection of 18th century French furniture and art. You can visit the kitchens, formal rooms, private apartments and the gardens. I bet it is just stunning…

Parc Monceau

After your dose of your culture, you’re off to Parc Monceau to have a picknick. Enjoy this lovely English landscaped park, drape yourself on the grass and enjoy your baguette, cheese and wine!


3.Canal Saint-Martin


After your picknick you’re off to a neighbourhood in the north of Paris. Take the metro at Monceau and go off at Stalingrad. You’re near the Canal Saint-Martin now. This is is a fun and trendy neighbourhood. Walk around a bit and soak up the atmosphere!


Then go to the Bassin de la Vilette and take the river cruise from Caneauxrama towards Pont de l’Arsenal. you should be able to get the 2.45 pm cruise.

Now I haven’t done this cruise… yet! It is still on my Paris wishlist (along with so many other things!). But it really seems like a fun and relaxing thing to do. During this 2,5 hour river cruise, you pass along the calm waters of the Canal Saint-Martin.

You will pass footbridges, float below the Crimée drawbridge and under the spectacular vault of the Bastille, you will pass pretty banks and you’ll be able to relax and see a totally different Paris. At 5.15 you’ll arrive at Port de l’Arsenal.

To save time, book your ticket in advance online and pay only 18 EUR for 2,5 hours of pure relaxation!

4.Sweets at Angelina

On arrival at Port de l’Arsenal, take a stroll towards Jardin du Luxembourg. First you cross part of Pont de Sully until you’re on the Ile Saint-Louis. Walk down the Rue Saint-Louis en Ile until you can cross the bridge towards Ile de la Cité.

Look from Ile Saint-Louis towards Ile de la Cité

Now walk past the Notre Dame… no time to queue to get inside though!

Notre Dame

Just keep walking… crossing the Pont au Double towards Jardin du Luxembourg. You’ll come across the famous bookshop Shakespeare and Company (don’t go in… you’ll spend too much time here!!), Eglise Saint-Séverin and right through Quartier Latin.


Once in Jardin du Luxembourg, go to Angelina. It’s open until 7pm so make sure you’ll be there round 6 pm at the latest.


I really should do this itinerary myself as I have never had patisserie at Angelina myself! But just look at the website to see what you can expect… pictures speak louder than words! Indulge yourself in some or other luxurious dessert before you explore Jardin du Luxembourg.

5.An evening walk and Bar Buddha

When your sweet tooth is satisfied you can choose what you do. If you want to, you can go back towards Shakespeare and Company as it’s open until late.

You could also stroll around the park a bit, before heading towards the metro at Saint-Michel. Take the metro towards Assemblée Nationale. Cross the Pont de la Concorde and if you still have time, you could have a drink at Bar Buddha, the one I recommended last week as well! At this bar, you can just have a drink or if you’re a bit peckish perhaps have some tapas.

Sitting on the terrace of Bar Buddha, but do go inside as the interior is stunning!

Once again I do not suggest a place to have diner. In Paris restaurants open at about 7 – 7.30 pm and that is just too late to have diner as your bus will probably leave between 9 and 10pm. Anyway, you’ll be full of your picknick, the sweets you’ve had at Angelina and the tapas you ate at Bar Buddha! Perhaps you could still buy a baguette in some bakery to eat on the busride home.

After your drinks at Bar Buddha, enjoy one last evening walk along the Seine towards the Bateaux Mouches, where the bus will pick you up again.


Now this was a completely different itinerary than the one from last week. But for those who have visited Paris on several occasions, it might be fun to see a different kind of Paris!

Love, Kathleen

Paris by night

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  1. As always amazing photos! I miss the coffee shops and Shakespeare and Co is an amazing spot. Although I need to get out of the habit of buying books while on a trip, makes my bag so heavy. haha. Cheers!

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