Beauty ‘n Fashion: Maje skirt, the casual way


Some weeks ago I raved about a skirt I bought at the Maje store in Brussels. I styled it quite chique to wear on an Easter brunch, but today I want to show you a casual way to wear a ruffled, asymmetric, flamenco-approved skirt!

First a picture of me wearing my Maje skirt the chique way, with a silk blouse, a cute handbag and red stilettos. You can read the entire post here.


And now over to a more casual way of wearing this skirt… with a plain white T and a denim jacket. To add one more colour I chose a cognac coloured woven belt and my chunky ankle boots from Timberland. Honestly, I have been wearing these boots so much over the last 2 years and they will last just a bit longer, but the day I will have to say goodbye to these beauties, will be one of mourning!!!

My leopard print scarf and my Max and Co sunnies finish off this look.


And I’ve got a question for you…do you think I should wear this outfit to work?! I guess not… not just yet… I think! Can you imagine me striding down the stairs with that long skirt following me as a train 😀 I actually could get away with it I guess, as my colleagues have seen me in everything from ripped jeans to a very severe pencildress! But I might just not wear it… yet!

See you soon for more good, fab and lovely stuff!

Love, Kathleen

Here’s a post about a fantastic maxi dress!



Chanel or Delvaux… which way to go?!




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