Trips ‘n Travels: Belgium – Antwerp: FOMU and M HKA


Today you can read one more post on museums in Antwerp! Here you can read the first (about MAS and Red Star Line) and here’s the second (about MoMu and Rubenshuis).

And today we go to the neighbourhood “Zuid”, more specifically to the FOMU and M HKA.

The neighbourhood “Zuid” is a trendy quarter around the Leopold de Waelplaats, a lively square with lots of popular and stylish cafes, bistros and restaurants. But before you hit the town, why don’t you visit these two museums first?!




The FOMU, or Foto Museum, is a museum about… you guessed it… photography!

In the FOMU you are welcome to enjoy permanent and temporary expositions, you can attend a workshop or do some research in the massive collection of books, equipment and books.


Current expositions:

Selleslags unpacks (until June 22nd) : Antwerp photographer Herman Selleslags donated his vast collection (and that of his dad Rik) to the Foto Museum. This collecion contains hundreds of thousands of images, glass plates, press prints,… and the expo shows the diversity of the work of Rik and Herman Selleslags. Definitely a must-see!

Images taken during WWII by Rik Selleslags
Images from the Stones, taken in the 60ies by Heman Selleslags.

Alec Soth: gathered leaves (until June 4th):  it’s the first time that FOMU shows work of the renowned Magnum photographer Alec Soth. Soth’s work is known for his lyrical approach to documentary photography and is based on a fascination with the vastness of America. I really liked this expo. His images may look like they’re not really that special, but they all tell a story…

The retrospective draws from 4 critical series from Soth’s oeuvre (‘Sleeping by the Mississippi’, ‘Niagara’, ‘Broken Manual’ and ‘Songbook’). (source:

Images taken by Alec Roth (Niagara series)
Alec Roth (Broken Manual series)
Alec Roth (Broken Manual series)
Alec Roth (Songbook series)


FOMU, Waalsekaai 47, 2000 Antwerp





The M HKA is a museum for contemporary art, film and visual culture. It is an open place of encounter for art, artists and the public.

On the ground floor, you can visit a permanent collection exhibition with iconic masterpieces from Flemish and international artists. The collection exhibition is free to visit.

Then there are several other exhibitions for which I refer to the museum’s website.


M HKA – Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, Leuvenstraat 32, 2000 Antwerp


And this concludes the three posts on Antwerp museums. I hope I gave you plenty of inspiration for your next visit to this city!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read about an exhibition in the MoMu.







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