Beauty ‘n Fashion: Easter outfit


In today’s fashion post, I put my Easter outfit in the picture! Recently I bought the most fabulous skirt at Maje and I just want to share it with you guys. Don’t you think it is just the perfect skirt to be wearing during this Easter weekend?!

I bought this skirt at Maje in Brussels in the Dansaertstraat. This neighbourhood has many trendy shops, including Maje, a brand I recently discovered. It isn’t really cheap I must say, but sometimes I just pay a bit more for one garment which I will style it with budget items just to keep the balance if you know what I mean 😉

Over to this skirt… the ruffles, the fabric, the asymmetric cut… the DRAMA of this skirt!! I loved it at first sight… I had seen it on the website and when I walked past the Maje store in Brussels, I couldn’t wait to have a peek inside to see whether it was in stock. And who was the lucky girl… yeeeey… me!!!


I first tried on the same skirt in this lovely blue and white lined print (here), but honestly… that looked so awful on me! It made me look 10 kilos heavier and I actually felt like the milkmaid… definitely not for me… That just goes to show what colour and print can actually do to your body!

The black however… I was sold immediately! I can wear this skirt in so many ways… very chic and elegant with a silk blouse and high heels or very casual, with a plain white T, a sturdy belt and flip-flops or even sneakers. I know I will wear this skirt a lot. I can actually wear it all year long!

This skirt is just screaming to have a twirl in it!!! I feel like a Spanish flamenco-dancer in it… Olé 😀

For today’s outfit I am styling it with a blouse from E5. The blouse, with a mixed fabric containing silk, has lovely bold colours…and stripes! Stripes are yet again trending, but these are just that bit different don’t you think?!


Over to the belt… which I bought at Benetton in… 1987!!! Honestly! I got some money for my 16th birthday from my dad (which was a bit odd as my mum usually provided for the presents, but I guess he wanted to spoil his youngest at her 16th birthday… “sorry” to my  two sisters!) and I immediately knew what I wanted to buy with it… a black leather belt! At the time it was really trendy to wear a white shirt with the belt resting on the hips. The belt is a bit small now to be wearing it on my hips (as if I ever would wear a belt on my hips again!!), but it fits me perfectly at the waist. So thank you daddy once again for this belt. It gets a second life now… 30 years later 😀


The pumps I am wearing are from Tamaris but I cannot wait to wear this skirt with the sandals I bought for my sister’s wedding. They look absolutely S T U N N I N G with it 😀

My sunglasses are from a drugstore and were like only 10 or 12 EUR or so, but I absolutely love them.


So, what do you think of this outfit? Thumbs up right?! Ready for my Easter brunch 😛

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another long skirt!







4 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Easter outfit

  1. You look fabulous! I would never pick out that blouse, but it looks so good on you that I wonder if I should try things outside of my comfort zone once in a while. Same goes for the skirt. Happy Easter!

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    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! You should definitely try something out of your comfort zone. A tip: make sure you are alone when you try something out that you wouldn’t normallly buy. That way you won’t let others influence you. They might give funny remarks at first at it’s something they’re not used to seeing you in. Another tip: style it with something you feel really comfortable in and just WEAR it!!! Good luck and have a happy Easter Sunday 😀 Love, Kathleen

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