Talks from the heart… How to occupy yourself… after surgery!


Last Thursday I had a minor operation on my right shoulder. Nothing too serious, just a routine operation, but it sure gives me some pain and discomforts!

I will have to stay home from work a couple of weeks for my shoulder to heal… but how to occupy myself during these weeks?! I’m not really ill, I just can’t do very much because of the shoulder… but here’s how I will survive these next few weeks!


No matter how minor an operation is, rest should be on top of your priority list. Because of the pain and discomfort the shoulder gives me, I can’t sleep very well. So during the day, I try to take a siesta. A well-rested body will help me to recuperate faster… I hope!!


In the hospital, a physiotherapist gave a couple of exercises which I have to do 3 times a day. Besides those daily exercises, I will have to go to a physiotherapist two or three times a week, starting next week. He will teach me some exercises so I’m able to recover as quick as possible!

Television and Netflix

Thank god for television and Netflix! I want to do all these things, but I am physically restricted… so I can shamelessly lie on my couch and bingewatch some Netflix-series 😀

Planning our holiday


I am reading some travel guides as we will be going to England during our holidays. I always like to read up on the region we will be visiting: are there any special events, which museums are worthwhile, what towns to visit and what walks to take,… plenty of time now to make sure we can spend our time wisely whilst in Dorset!

Short walks

I won’t be on my couch 24/7 mind! I will do some short walks to make sure I’m not turning into a couch potato!!

Make playlists

I’ve got this one Spotify playlist that I play on repeat… time to make some new ones now!



Next month is our next book club meeting, so I’ve got plenty of time to prepare myself for our next meeting. I will be starting my ‘compulsory’ read in a couple of weeks time. This time we’ll be discussing “Gone girl” by Gillian Flynn.

And since I am mainly restricted to my couch these days, I have plenty of time to read other stuff as well: some chick lit, some travel guides, some Jane Austen… bring it on!


The shoulder gives me plenty of discomfort so I cannot type as fast and as long as I would want to. That’s why I have scheduled quite some blogposts in advance, which means I will only have to do some minor adjustments instead of typing for hours on end!

I have also made plenty of photographs in advance, because taking pictures will also be quite difficult the coming weeks 😦

Having a blog ànd recovering from an operation means planning and scheduling in advance!!

Help the kids 

My two youngest are in the midst of their exams at the moment. I’ve got time now to help them out a bit (if they want me to that is!).


Besides all of the above, there will of course be plenty of time for me to worry… Who will do the laundry, the ironing, the cleaning, the groceries…?? I am so vexed that I have to rely on my husband and family for all that, whilst I’m on my couch. I would rather do all these things myself instead of giving them orders. But I will have to remind myself that I just have to rest and say ‘yes’ when someone offers help!

Have you ever had a (shoulder) operation? How did you keep yourself busy?? Let me know in the comments below… it might come in handy 🙂

Love, Kathleen

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13 thoughts on “Talks from the heart… How to occupy yourself… after surgery!

  1. Oei Kathleen, ik hoop dat het al wat beter met je gaat! Ik weet perfect wat je doormaakt. Drie weken voor Valerie trouwde, ben ik gevallen met als gevolg een gebroken pols gebroken en gebarsten elleboog. Ik kon echt niets en al sukkelend en commanderend moest ik het huishouden draaiende houden… Door mijn vriendin ben ik vitamine D gaan nemen en daardoor heb ik mijn genezing spectaculair zien vooruitgaan. Alvast een spoedig herstel en veel lees en kijkplezier!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Het gaat gelukkig al wat beter, dank je. Ik kan al een beetje uit de voeten, maar echt het huishouden… tja… dat is echt nog te zwaar! Maar elke dag een beetje beter en de grens een klein beetje verleggen hé.
      Wat vervelend die gebroken pols zeg en net voor die trouw! Ik herinner me er precies nog iets van… Ja, vitamine D maakt de botten wat sterker en ook voldoende zuivelproducten eten/drinken. Hopelijk blijf je gespaard van verdere breuken 😉 Groetjes en een fijne week voor jou gewenst. Kathleen

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oei ja, niet zo leuk! Ik ben enkele jaren geopereerd aan mijn meniscus, ook niet heel ingrijpend, maar erna kan je inderdaad niet veel doen, buiten rusten en de oefeningen van de kinesist braaf doen.
    Ik raad echt podcasts aan, bij mij staat er nu bijna altijd wel eentje op in de achtergrond! Ik ben fan van True Crime, dus daar heb ik wel goeie aanraders voor. En die van Anna Newton (The Anna Edit op insta en youtube, mijn favo blogster en beetje girlcrush haha) en Lilly Pebbles is ook echt leuk om te luisteren, die heet At Home With…
    Hopelijk is uw schouder snel weer de oude!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am reading so much these days!!! That and Netflix, oh and planning our trip to England. Fun times… wish they were a bit less painful 😉 but oh well, every day a bit better! Love, Kathleen

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much LIse! I haven’t done any board games these days, but that’s a good idea! I read a lot now and I am also planning our holiday. So all fun things to do actually! And every day the shoulder is getting a bit better… Thanks for your lovely comment! Kathleen


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