Beauty ‘n Fashion: Maybelline – Master Strobing Stick


A few months ago I read about this Maybelline Master Strobing Stick on the site of a Belgian beautyblogger: (take a peek… definitely worthwhile!!).

I immediately was sold by her review so it didn’t take me too long to go to my local drugstore and buy this beauty product to test it out for myself!

The promises

Here is what I could read on the website from Maybelline:

‘From adding dimension to opening your eyes to slimming your face, this creamy formula is here to help you put your fiercest face forward. Apply targeted highlighting in seconds and discover how easy it is to strobe to glow.’

How to use

The stick is very easy to use: just glide the stick over the parts of your face you want to highlight. Then blend in the product with your fingertips or your beauty blender.

You can use this stick on your eyes as well (I tend to use it just below my eyebrows). On the picture below you can see the soft glow on my cheeks as well as just beneath my eyebrows.

The stick comes in two shades: this is the medium nude glow. The second shade is ‘light iridescent’, which you can see on the blog of Isabelle (link in first paragraph of my article).



  • Comes in two shades: 100 (light iridescent) is the one you can see on Isabelle’s blog. I have bought the other shade (200 medium nude glow). I opted for the second one as this is more neutral.
  • You can easily build up this product, so you can choose how glowy you look!
  • The creamy consistency is definitely better for an aging skin than a powder!
  • Quick and easy to use. I only used a highlighter in my party make-ups, but now I use it daily as it is so easy to use!!
  • Doesn’t sit in any creases because of the creamy consistency.


  • The stick is quite chunky. If you want to work a bit more precise you could use a little brush instead of using the stick directly onto your face.


This is a very good highlighter! I like the fact that it is creamy so it doesn’t sit in any creases!!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read a review about a highlighting powder.



5 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Maybelline – Master Strobing Stick

    1. I have put a picture in the article Ann! I honestly forgot to put it up… I didn’t have a good picture when I wrote the article and then I forgot of course 😉 I must say that I just put the product on places on my face where I think it will complement my make-up… I don’t ‘master’ the strobing technique even though I use the ‘master strobing stick’ 😀 but I am happy with the result… and it is so easy to use! Let me know how you go… Love, Kathleen


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