Beauty ‘n Fashion: Mylène – Pretty Glowpowder


In today’s beauty post I will tell you a bit more about the how’s and why’s of using a highlighter and about the highlighter I use : the Pretty Glowpowder from Mylène.

Mylène may not be a world famous brand, but the tips and tricks I give you to use a highligher are applicable on every type of highlighter. So no matter what brand you are using, you could still learn something from this post! Well… I hope so anyway…

I would also like to emphasize that I am talking about highlighting and NOT about contouring. I have not mastered the art of contouring yet… not sure if I ever will!

Here you see a swatch of the highlighter on my hand. I love the subtle shine it gives.

The why’s and how’s of highlighting…

  • apply the highlighter where the light hits your face :
    • just under and above your eyebrows
    • on your cupid’s bow
    • on your upper cheekbones
    • on the bridge of your nose
    • on the inner corner of your eyes
    • on your forehead
  • remember : less is more! You don’t want to dab too much on your face… start with just a little bit and gradually build the highlighter up.
  • after applying my highlighter, I always take my big powder brush to put a bit of translucent powder on top (I am currently using this YSL palette) just to soften everything up a bit.
  • when you’ve got little crow’s feet, make sure the highlighting powder doesn’t sit between those little wrinkles as it will emphasize them and we definitely don’t want that!

Pros of Mylène’s Pretty Glowpowder

  • the Pretty Glowpowder from Mylène gives a subtle glow
  • it’s got a lovely smell
  • the highlighter can also be used on the eyelids
  • the Mylène highlighter comes in a large package so you’ll be good for months and months on end 🙂

Cons of Mylène’s Pretty Glowpowder

  • none that I can think of


Using a highlighter may not be for everyday’s make-up, but when you want to make a bit of an effort it certainly takes your make-up to a higher level. No matter what brand you use make sure to use it very subtle!

And if you’re in the possibility of buying the Mylène Pretty Glowpowder… don’t hesitate I’d say… It is a very fine product to use!

Do you (sometimes) use a highlighter? Which brand can you recommend? And do you have any tips you want to share?!

Next week I will tell you something more about bronzing powder… because don’t we all want that healthy sunny glow on our face?!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read about one of my favourite summer products…the CC crème from Erborian!

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