Beauty ‘n Fashion: Naobay – Cleansing milk


Last week I told you about this magazine I bought which came with a little make-up bag in which there were 3 products. I already told you about the Tinted Wonder Eye Cream from the British skincare Balance Me and today I will tell you my thoughts on the Naobay HydraPlus Cleansing Milk.

Naobay… another brand unknown to me. Does anyone of you know it perhaps?

In the make-up bag I found a full size bottle of this cleansing milk (200ml). I don’t use a cleansing milk anymore. I normally use a micellar gel, a cleansing balm or this Rainpharma product. But I was eager to try out this milk!

I didn’t know the brand before, so time to browse the world wide web to find out more 🙂


The brand

Naobay stands for ‘Natural and Organic Beauty And You’. It is a Spanish brand which is 100% paraben free. It isn’t tested on animals and all products contain certified natural ingredients.

The promises

Facial cleansing milk made specifically for dry skin with Aloe Vera, Apple and Marshmallow extracts and Sweet AlmondOil. The oil from the coconut palm tree provides great cleansing and exfoliating action. HydraPlus facial cleansing milk leaves the skin soft and clean, ready for the application of your regularly used Naobay cream. 99,47% of the total ingredients are from natural origin.

It’s said to be vegan, so if any of you are in search of a vegan cleansing milk… look no further 🙂 A 200ml bottle costs about 14 EUR.

How to use

Put some milk on a cotton pad and wipe all that dirt from your face!



  • lovely smell
  • hydrating
  • cleanses really well
  • made out of natural ingredients (well… for 99,47% that is!)
  • leaves my skin soft and fresh
  • doesn’t feel sticky after use


  • doesn’t get rid of my waterproof make-up


This cleansing milk is really nice to use. I especially love the soft smell and I would definitely recommend this product!

Have you ever heard of this brand before? What products do you use from it?

Love, Kathleen

Here you can read my thoughts on the micellar gel I normally use.



3 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: Naobay – Cleansing milk

    1. I like this one as well, especially the soft smell. The bottle is now nearly empty and as I can’t find it in the stores, it is however unlikely that I will buy it again. A cleanser just isn’t something that I would buy online as there are a multitude of cleansers in the shops where I usually buy my beauty products… Thanks for the read and happy Wednesday! Love, Kathleen

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