Beauty ‘n Fashion: My outfits on IG – August


In today’s fashionpost I give you a little recap on the outfits I shared on my  Instagram account. this month.

Actually… I am crying just a tiny bit inside as I have just realised that this is the last Saturday of August!!! I simply cannot believe how 2017 is flying by… I am just not ready for fall yet so if you don’t mind I’m hanging on to summer for as long as I can!!

Anyway, since I had to get back to work at the end of July, most of these outfits are work outfits. Even though some days in August were a bit chillier, at the office it is always quite warm which means I can wear my sleeveless tops on repeat! Like this frilly top which looks lovely on my bright blue pants…


… or this white draped top on my polkadot pants!


And here’s another draped top with my floral pants.


For a stroll in Antwerp I opted for my comfy black dress which has this flowy fabric on top to make it just that tiny bit different (here you can see the outfitpost of that dress). Luckily the weather changed after taking this picture, so I could ditch my jacket soon!


On our weekend break to Groningen I bought these fab pants which I had to wear immediately of course… You can see more pics of these pants in this outfitpost!


And of course I wanted to wear these pants to work a couple of days later… with that blue draped top this time. I think that top is really flattering!


Now you might have noticed my black sandals which feature in nearly every picture… It looks like I don’t have any other pair of shoes! Well I have of course… but I have been wearing these black sandals on repeat ever since buying them at the end of the sales… they’re from Remonte and they are extremely comfortable, especially to go to work or to stroll around in cities.

When I bought them online, I ordered two pairs of similar looking black sandals and I asked my IG-followers for advice… which pair to buy? They were both comfy so it was hard to choose, but the Remonte sandals (the bottom ones) won in the end!20225544_107747716558682_1538174350161608704_n(1)

And that’s it for this month! I hope September treats us to some fine weather so we don’t have to dig up our fall clothes already… time will tell… See you soon!

Love, Kathleen


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