Beauty ‘n Fashion Rimmel – Brow this way (blonde)


To define my brows, I am currently using this eyebrow powder from Rimmel. Let me tell you what I think about it!

The promises

This is what I could read on the Rimmel website:

Bold, Sculpted Brows Day and Night

  • Shake the pack to disperse the powder well for optimal use
  • Soft powder and applicator shapes & sculpts brows
  • Intense colour to fill, define & line
  • Fade, smudge, transfer & waterproof so brows stays fixed all day and all night!”

How to use

Shake the little bottle and apply the powder with the little brush. After applying, I shape my brows.

Top tip: go easy when using this product!!! In the beginning my brows were too dark and looked too harsh. But once I got the hang of using this product, I could produce a more natural look!



  • Price: normal price is 7,99 EUR but my local drugstore does promotions all the time. I bought it for about 5,20 EUR.
  • One bottle goes a long way! I have been using this bottle for about 4 months and it isn’t finished yet…
  • You can apply the product precisely.
  • Handy applicator.
  • It’s a powder, so it gives a natural look.
  • Great pigmentation, so go easy!!


  • Perhaps a bit dark to be ‘blonde’… the first time I used it, my colleague asked me what was wrong with my face 😀 so ever since that mishap, I make sure to wipe my eyebrows with a cotton pad after using the powder!!


The colour is a bit dark, but this is a good product once you get the hang of it!

What product do you use to define your eyebrows? Have you used this powder? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen



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