Beauty ‘n Fashion: Navy and gold


Today it’s all about navy and gold in this budgetproof outfit! Let me tell you more about it…

I must admit that I threw this outfit on by accident, but I liked it as it’s comfy, yet stylish so I asked my husband to take some pictures of it! The good guy he is, he grabbed the camera and here’s the result 🙂


My pants are from H&M. They are comfy and they’ve got a bit of stretch in them but not too much so the fabric doesn’t get saggy. They only cost me about 20 EUR, but I think they look more expensive!

My t-shirt has these cute golden strawberries on them, which makes it go perfectly well with my golden cardigan. I bought both at JBC.


I have worn these pants with my Adidas, but these golden sandals are way more elegant, don’t you think so?! I got them on Zalando a couple of months ago and I just love them, I already had heaps of compliments about them and the other day, when I was trying on other shoes at a shoestore and these were standing beside my chair, another customer in the shop even asked me if I were going to buy them because she wanted to try them on 😀

This nice, comfy outfit, will take me to a lot of places I guess! Do you like it? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen DSC_3296








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