Trips ‘n Travels: England – Our holiday home and a walk through the Wiltshire countryside


In today’s travelpost, I tell you more about the holiday home we rented and I take you on a trip through the Wiltshire countryside… which means I’ve got plenty of cottages and fields coming your way! Sit back and enjoy 🙂

When looking for a holiday home on Airnb, the exact location wasn’t all that important. We did however have a few conditons: it had to be within a two hour drive from London, we wanted some attractions within a one hour drive, we didn’t want it to be located in a city, but we did want a pub within walking distance… and so the search was on.

After browsing Airbnb for a while, we came across this barn conversion in Shalbourne, a little hamlet in Wiltshire. It fitted our needs so we booked it! It was set on a farm and was surrounded by beautiful countryside: hills, woodland, fields, little villages and hamlets,… we fell in love with the English countryside once again!

Below you see a few pictures of ‘our’ barn conversion, the surrounding countryside and the owners’ farm.






The owner’s farm.


The first evening would be the only night we’d all stay at the barn as our two eldest children would stay at a hotel in London the following night and then head home. The rest of the week it would be just the three of us: my husband Peter, our youngest daughter Elizabeth, and myself.

When we arrived at our holiday home that Saturday, we quickly unpacked the car, watched the final minutes of England-Belgium from the World Cup Football (and saw our Belgian team win 3rd place!), had a bite to eat and then it was off to the pub!

The pub was a 15 minute walk away from our holiday home. It was a very pleasant walk though, passing very beautiful and quaint cottages (playing the game ‘which one should you choose’ of course!). We all enjoyed having a drink at the pub and I really soaked up the moment as moments like these become scarse now the kids are growing up.

Off to the pub!
The Plough in Shalbourne.
Sharing happy moments at the local pub.




I will also share some pictures of a walk my youngest daughter Elizabeth and I did a couple of days later. It was a 6 km walk, passing the little hamlet of Shalbourne, fields and farms. It was so much fun being able to do this walk just the two of us… it gave us a bit of quality time together!



Do scroll all the way down as there are plenty of pictures of the English countryside. Couldn’t resist to take pictures of nearly every single building in Shalbourne as one was even more cute than the other! Tell me… which one is your favourite cottage?

Love, Kathleen











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