Today’s quote : get on your way

“Today is your day your mountain is waiting so, get on your way” – Dr. Seuss

Peak District National Park, England

Here, on ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’, I will post quotes regularly and to start with, I think this quote from Theodor Seuss Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss, is the perfect one : “today is your day your mountain is waiting so, get on your way”… What is your mountain and what will you do to get on ?

Going up a mountain can be really tricky. The path may be steep, slippery; you may have to pass bridges, jump over fences or even go back a bit as you took a wrong turn. You may be getting short of breath… Hopefully you’ve got a companion to make the trip easier. To laugh with on the way up, to curse with when things get difficult, to pause with to catch some air, to nag to when it starts raining, to have a snack and a drink with on your way up… But forward is the only way you’ve got to go… go on, just a bit more… you can almost see the stunning view you are waiting for, you’re doing all the effort for !

And then, once you’re up there, once you have finally reached your goal… you sense the sweet smell of success. Your reward is so worth it, it’s so beautiful up there ! Alone or with a companion… just soak up the feeling you’re getting ! You’ve made it and you should be really proud of yourself !

My mountain for me personally now is my blog. I really got on my way now with this blog… reading, researching, writing, taking pictures, discussing,… so many things to do, but I love doing this ! I love spending my time on this blog. And now I finally made the first posts… it is soooo exciting ! My reward is fantastic… seeing my pictures and posts on my computer screen. My own blog, I still can’t believe it… something that I made from scratch ! No matter what anyone thinks… I am certainly a very proud woman at the moment. But, boy, it certainly was a heavy, steep climb to get this far… and now I am on this mountain… I can see another one just a bit further away… and so I go from mountain to mountain… setting my goals one step at a time. The reward is so satisfying, the reward is so beautiful. I am glad I climbed this mountain and can’t wait for the next one…

Yes… this quote is just perfect for me right now. My blog, my mountain…

Love, Kathleen


8 thoughts on “Today’s quote : get on your way

  1. This is a great quote! 😊 When I first started my blog I really didn’t know was I getting into but this whole journey has felt like climbing a mountain with learning how to write better posts, take better pictures, be better at time management, be more active in the community, etc.

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