Beauty ‘n Fashion: Trying out some samples (Mylène)


Nope… it’s not Monday I know, yet I treat you to a beauty post! Lack of time for taking outfit pictures this week is the reason… So I’m sorry if you’re a bit mixed up at the moment… I’ll make it up to you with a sample post 😀

I’m always excited getting samples 🙂 They often give me the chance to form a first impression of the product… and then I like to share that impression of course!

Today I put three samples to the test. Read on to find out which ones!

Sample: Mylène – Froya Shower Sensation


First impression? Fresh and lovely smell. Doesn’t foam very much, but it leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

To buy or not to buy? I have just bought this on the last Mylène homeparty!

Sample: Mylène – Repair Shampoo


First impression? This shampoo is especially for damaged hair. As I colour my hair it could do with a repair shampoo 🙂 This shampoo is economical in use and smells fresh. I did need a conditioner afterwards though (but then I always do!).

To buy or not to buy? Won’t buy this shampoo though. I always buy my shampoo at the drugstore and when it’s on promotion…

Sample: Mylène – Nourishing Mask


First impression? Not very much fan of the cherry smell but I loved what it did with my hair! I used it once as a mask, really leaving it in for some time before rinsing it out and then I used it a couple of times as a conditioner (I had two samples).

To buy or not to buy? Might do so the next time 🙂

Do you use up all the samples you get?

Love, Kathleen

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