Beauty ‘n Fashion: Long cardigan


New outfitpost today! In the picture: my soft and warm long cardigan from Esprit πŸ™‚

This really is a lovely cardigan, perfect for fall if you ask me!

I bought it at Esprit and actually… my sister has the same πŸ™‚ We both fell for this beautiful, long, dark blue cardigan in a lovely wool mix.




For today’s outfit I am wearing it rather casual. And as the weather is still so nice, I couldn’t resist wearing a summer top with a palm print (also from Esprit) to liven up the outfit.



To round up this outfit, I am wearing an Esprit dark blue jeans which has been lying in my cupboard for a couple of years as I couldn’t twerk my butt in it anymore… But as I have lost a bit of weight, it fits me again, so me happy πŸ™‚


This is a comfy and casual outfit, but still with a dose of elegance in my opinion.

Do you like this all Esprit outfit? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen




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