Beauty ‘n Fashion: How to… tie a scarf in 18 ways!


Nearly two years ago, I wrote a fashionpost on how to tie a scarf in 18 different ways. As winter is coming really soon now, I’d like to post that post again in case you missed it!

I like wearing a scarf for various reasons… I love to snuggle up in a big, soft scarf in winter, I think a scarf is the perfect accessory for any kind of outfit and it can add a pop of colour or personality in a flash.

So that’s why I wanted to do a scarf-post… In this post I will show you 18 (!) different ways to tie your scarf. I hope it gives you a bit of inspiration!

1.The foulard

A foulard is a square scarf, often with some sort of print. For these pictures, I use a 75cm x 75 cm foulard I bought at E5. It’s got this fab tiger print and if you hurry you can buy it at a 70% discount, which makes it practically for free!! You can shop it here.

On these pictures I show you various ways how to tie your foulard:

  • like a bandit


  • the French way: this is the same way as above, but you put the knot on top of the scarf whereas with the bandit style you put the knot underneath the scarf. With the print on this scarf, it might be less visible…


  • in a side knot


2.The poncho

A poncho can be the perfect alternative on sunny winter days, during fall or spring or even on a chilly summer evening. I bought mine several years ago and I still like to wear it in fall or winter. Here’s where you can buy a similar item.

Here’s how to wear your poncho!

  • with a belt


  • draped around one shoulder


  • just let it hang loose


3.The infinity scarf

This animal print scarf is one of my favourite scarfs. I like infinity scarfs as they are so easy to wear. Just toss it around your neck a couple of times and you’re done!  Here you can find a similar infinity scarf.

Let me show you a couple of ways to wear your infinity scarf!

  • toss it two times for a looser fit


  • toss it three times for a tighter fit: this is one of my favourite ways to wear a scarf.


  • cardigan style with knot: I think this is a style which is perfect for cooler summer evenings. In the day it’s often too warm to wear a scarf, but in the evenings it is so comforting to have something to wrap around your shoulders, isn’t it?


4. Long fringed scarf

This is a finely knitted scarf with fringes. It instantly adds a bit of a party feel to your outfit because of the shiny fabric. Here’s where you can buy a similar scarf.

I usually wear it like in the first picture, but I show you a couple of more styles!

  • long ends in the front


  • long ends at the back


  • belted


  • just toss it over one shoulder


5. Short fringed scarf

This is a lovely scarf I got from my Australian friend, Katelijne (here you can read about our long-time/long-distance friendship!). It’s the perfect accessory for a party outfit because of the fine fabric.

Here’s how to wear it:

  • tied in a bow


  • like a men’s tie


6. Long scarf

I bought this carf in the winter sales. I just love it for the colours! This long scarf can be worn in various styles shown above. You can also wear it like I show you below… I don’t know exactly how to call this style… and on the picture it isn’t very cleary how you can do this, that’s why I have a little video on Instagram to show you how to… just check it out here!


7. Regular winter scarf

The last scarf I show you here is my soft and cosy chequered winter scarf. It’s very warm and I love the print! I bought it during one of the Mylène homeparties.

You can try several styles I have showed you above, but here’s two more with this scarf…

  • basic loop


  • pretzl: in my opinion, this is the warmest way to wear your scarf. On my Instagram-feed you can check how you can create this style.


I hope I gave you some inspiration on how to tie your scarf! If you know any other ways, let me know in the comments so I can try them out!

Love, Kathleen

Here you can see an outfitpost about the black jumpsuit I am wearing.

10 thoughts on “Beauty ‘n Fashion: How to… tie a scarf in 18 ways!

    1. I like the warm feeilng around my neck, even if it’s just a flimsy little scarf, once you take it off it feels so cold immediatly, don’t you think ?! Have a lovely evening!


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