Beauty ‘n fashion: Pink ‘n black


Well hello here on ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’! And have I got a good, fab and lovely outfit for you here on the blog as I show to you a golden oldie (the skirt) with a fab new sweater!

I haven’t been wearing this skirt much this winter nor the winter before as I just didn’t have much to style it with besides a black turtleneck.

And since I don’t wear black as much as I used to, this skirt has been hanging in my  closet… but now I have bought this lovely warm, pink sweater at H&M and it is just a perfect match with the skirt…




I bought the skirt several years ago. It’s from the Belgian brand Essentiel and it is just a showstopper… those big pink dots and the stiff fabric really make this skirt stand out. But it also makes it quite difficult to style in my opinion!

I have worn it with black obviously… and I’ve got this beautiful blush pink blouse that goes so well with it, but it’s just not warm enough to wear it in winter…


So when I went sweater-hunting some time ago, I bought this lovely blush pink sweater at H&M and it goes so well with this skirt, don’t you think?! Combined with a simple black heel it is an outfit to wear until spring breaks through…

Do you like this outfit or not? Tell me in the comments!

Love,, Kathleen





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