Beauty ‘n Fashion: Back to basics


Back to basics in today’s outfitpost as I show you 4 staples that are probably in any woman’s wardrobe: a crispy white T, black pants, a denim jacket and sneakers.

I am wearing lots of colourful clothes, but I do have some basics in my closet to which I can turn to anytime I don’t feel so colourful, or anytime I just don’t know what to wear. They’re the perfect go to’s!

You know, you don’t have to re-invent yourself over and over again… if you feel like wearing your basics, just go for it! So for this post it’s all basics…

First of all a crispy white T… or I should actually say a T that used to be crispy white… I definitely should invest in a couple of new t-shirts as the ones I am currently wearing aren’t quite as crispy anymore, but you get the picture 😉



A second go to are black pants. I like to wear these wide cropped pants from Vero Moda. They are immensly versatile and I honestly wear them all year round (except not on very hot days).

The next basic in this post is my denim jacket. This is an oldie. I had a new one, but I forgot it in a restaurant recently so it’s back to my old one. But hey, this one will stil do 🙂



My new sneakers complete this look. I fell for the colour (olive green), the way the shoe laces are done and the glittering front. Needless to say they’re comfortable so I guess this is a win-win situation!

And that’s it for this ‘back to basics’ post! What are your favourite basics?

Love, Kathleen


DSC_2338 DSC_2356DSC_2364




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