Beauty ‘n Fashion: Sisal wash cloth, jasmin soap & jasmin eau de toilette


A couple of weeks ago I shared with you which beauty products I bought during my Easter holiday. You can read that post here. Now I have been using my sisal wash cloth, jasmin soap & jasmin eau de toilette for a couple of weeks now, so time to tell you what my thoughts are on these products!

I bought the sisal wash cloth and the jasmin soap in Les Baux de Provence, a charming little village in the Provence. It’s said to be one of the most beautiful villages of France and I will certainly share a travelpost in a couple of weeks!


I don’t use a classic bar of soap that often. But of course seeing all the different bars of soap in those Provence souvenir shops was very tempting… all the different colours and smells… As jasmine is one of my favourite flower scents, I decided to buy two bars. The smell is subtle and very pleasant.

I use this soap about once a week, together with the sisal wash cloth. I put the soap inside the wash cloth and that allows me to give my body a good scrub whilst I’m having a shower. The sisal wash cloth doesn’t scrub too harsh.

I also bought a jasmin fragrance. This is an eau de toilette I bought in ‘Il était une flamme‘ in Roussillon. They also have an online shop. The smell of this jasmin eau de toilette is really soft, flowery and not chemical at all. I love this so much! Being an eau de toilette however, the smell doesn’t last all day, but at only 14,90 EUR for 100 ml you could perhaps have an extra bottle in your handbag or at work! I already regret buying only one bottle…


I love buying beauty products when I’m on holiday as it gives me the chance to make that holiday last a bit longer whilst back at home!

What do you like to take home from your holidays?

Love, Kathleen





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