Beauty ‘n Fashion: Zebra-print


Last week I showed you a black and white outfit (the polkadot dress, remember!) and this week it’s no different… another black and white dress… but this time I’m going zebra 🙂

This is a dress which I found at the sales and it was a steal. And even though I preferred a red and black zebra-print, I just couldn’t resist this one as it was only about 25 EUR! Goes to show that you don’t always have to pay an arm and a leg to look the part 🙂

I have been wearing this dress to work, with a wedge sandal, an ordinary black belt and my go-to handbag. But for this outfitpost I opted for a more elegant look and I style it with my favourite black heels, a leather belt and a cute black handbag. Ready to go to a party if you ask me!




Underneath the dress, I am wearing a black cami top and a black underskirt (just in case the wind gets a bit crazy!).



This is actually a dress which can be worn all year round in my opinion. I can actually see myself wearing it in winter with kne-length black suede boots and a cardigan 🙂

What do you think of this zebra-print? Yay or nay?

Love, Kathleen








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