Trips ‘n Travels: France – Ménèrbes


Last week I told you about a beautiful village in the Luberon and today I do exactly the same! This time I take you to Ménèrbes… why don’t you jump on board?!

The Luberon in the South of France is packed with beautiful, quaint and charming villages. I already spoiled you with travelposts about Gordes and Oppède-le-Vieux and today it’s all about Ménèrbes.

Ménèrbes is located beautifully on top of a hill. It’s been inhabited for thousands of years and its location used to be strategically very important as one could see the opponents approaching. Now it’s just very convenient as it gives fabulous views over the surrounding countryside.


Because of its beauty, it of course attracts many artists. Picasso was a frequent visitor (his muze Dora lived here) and also Albert Camus once lived in this little village with its narrow, winding streets, set in the Vaucluse.


Many tourists know Ménèrbes from the book ‘a good year’ from Peter Mayle (which was later turned into a film with Russel Crowe). Many buses with tourists from all over the world stop by at this little village so once again I must advice you to come really early or late in the afternoon or even better, try to avide the high season. We were there on a Monday afternoon in April and the village was so quiet, so serene and that just added to the beauty if you ask me!


We just had a little stroll around the village and soon we were enjoying a glass of wine at the Maison de la Truffe et du Vin du Luberon. I can highly recommend a visit to this place. They sell local products and wine, but it’s also a restaurant and wine bar. Mind, on busy days I guess they give preference to eating guests… but as we were there on a quiet day, we could enjoy our glass of wine in the garden, which offers stunning views.


Ménèrbes is called one of the most beautiful villages of France and I must admit it is very charming. It is perhaps a bit too perfect and that’s why personally I thought Oppède-le-Vieux was more authentic… but don’t let that stop you from enjoying a trip to Ménèrbes!

Love, Kathleen

PS: I will take you to Roussillon in next week’s travelpost, which rounds up my travelposts on our ‘three-villages tour in the Luberon’. I will also share our itinerary from that day.


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