Outfit of the week: Lambswool Cape

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I went to Windsor on one of the hottest days of July and I bought… a woollen cape! Seriously… so me 😀

I had to keep it in the closet for 2 more months as it was simply just too hot to wear it! But now I can finally reveal it to you.

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Outfit of the week: A summer cardigan or an autumn coat…

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A couple of weeks ago I was looking for an autumn coat, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for… until I stumbled upon this summer cardigan!

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Season flashback: autumn

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It’s the first day of winter… yesterday I told you about my favourite Christmas songs and soon we’ll be celebrating with friends and family… but today there is just one last look at my autumn outfits… Bring me to that season flashback!

Belgium: Antwerp – botanical garden

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Today’s travelpost is about  a haven of tranquility in the midst of the city… the botanical garden in Antwerp. Read more about this garden!