Beauty ‘n Fashion: Lambswool Cape


I went to Windsor on one of the hottest days of July and I bought… a woollen cape! Seriously… so me 😀

I had to keep it in the closet for 2 more months as it was simply just too hot to wear it! But now I can finally reveal it to you.

When we were in Oxford during our holidays, we had been in ‘The Edinburgh Woollen Mill’, a shop which sells loads of lambswool and cashmere stuff: sweaters, scarfs, vests, capes,… I could resist buying a fabulous cape that day, but when we passed a similar shop in Windsor on the last day of our holiday, I gave in…




I immediately loved the beautiful soft colour combination. It’s perfect for the chillier fall days that are coming our way as the fabric is made out of lambswool. It’s reversible, which makes it extra versatile.



I’m glad I bought this cape. I already have a dark grey one, which I wear quite often during fall, but this one is much warmer and cosier… and even though I’m a bit sad summer has finally come to an end… I’m secretaly a bit happy that I can finally start wearing this beauty 🙂

Do you like wearing a cape? Tell me in the comments below!

Love, Kathleen





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