Fashion: Basics


Today’s outfit is all about basics : denim, a plain white T, a black cardigan and some black boots. Oh yes… an outfit can be as simple as that! If you don’t feel like putting too much effort in an outfit, you can always seek refuge in some basics, like I did today.

1.The plain white T

This T-shirt I bought last summer. Every summer I invest in some white t-shirts. A plain white T is the base of many of my outfits, any time of year! I search for good quality t-shirts as I wear them often. So yes, a plain white T can cost me a bit of money but I think it’s worth it!


The denim I am wearing in this outfit didn’t cost m much. I bought at an H&M sale. I like the cut and the colour. I also like the fact that it’s a bit distressed but not too much. Denim and a white t-shirt are so casual… and a perfect base to build the rest of your outfit on!

3.Black cardigan

This black woollen cardigan from Selected is my newest acquisition… I bought it the last day of the sales at 70% so it was a real bargain! The cardigan is warm and cosy. It’s oversized but as the sleeves are quite fitted it doesn’t look too large. Yip… perfect!

4.Black boots

These Gabor boots are really comfortable. Gabor is one of my favorite shoe brands. My feet are quite wide and it can get tricky finding shoes and boots that are stylish yet comfortable. Gabor is one of the brands that I can rely on. I chose these boots because they are so simple. No frilly bits, no extra zippers, chains, buckles,… no… just plain black boots… thus perfect for an all basics outfit, don’t you think!

What basics can’t you do without? Tell me in the comments!

Love, Kathleen

Here you see another outfit with this plain white T, this distressed denim, a woollen cardigan and black boots!







Photography : Charlotte Kluskens


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