Fashion: En rouge et noir…


I really like this outfit of the week… I like it a lot ! I also like the photos… a lot ! They were taken by my husband whilst we were on our weekend break in Holland some weeks ago. I spent a beautiful fall evening ‘en rouge et noir’… The light was good, the location was fab and the company was lovely! 

The skirt and top I bought at Steps in Zwolle. Although the skirt is fake leather and the top is fake suede, they still look great in my opinion. Both are really comfortable. The skirt is a classic cut, but because of the fabric just that bit edgy. And the top… well, where to begin ? That colour for one thing… that was the first thing about this top that attracted me. The fabric is really soft and lovely to wear. It is a bit stretchy so that makes it very comfortable. And I love how well my lipstick matches the colour of my top 🙂

I team the skirt and top with my Chie Mihara mary-janes I bought at a local shop Annick Goedhuys in my hometown Beveren. They are high (well… for my standards anyway), but they are actually really comfortable. It’ll now be the third winter I will wear them and they still look fab in my opinion! They were quite expensive, but I waited for the sales to buy them… and I do not regret a single cent they cost me!

And then last but not least my jewellery. The earrings I got at & Other Stories. The necklace was just a cheap one from a beauty supermarket, but I think it’s really nice. I like to call it my timeturner necklace. (Yes I am a Harry Potter fan… my eldest daughter grew up with the books and films but was too small to go to the cinema by herself for the first few films. By film 4 or 5 she was old enough to go by herself, but I wanted to see how it all continued and we went together with my son who had become a fan as well!).

So, my dearest followers, that was another wrap ! I hope you like this ‘en rouge et noir’ outfit as much as I do… let me know!

Love, Kathleen

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Photography by Peter Kluskens

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