Beauty: Kueshi – Nutrix Caviar Eye Contour Cream

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Today a review about the Kueshi Nutrix Caviar Eye Contour Cream. This product was also in the Deauty-box I bought a couple of months ago and I have been testing it out for a couple of months now, so time to fill you in on what I think about it!

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Beauty: Rainpharma – Advanced Precleanser

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A couple of months ago I bought a magazine which came with this Deauty-box for only 6,90 EUR extra. As the box contained lots of fab beauty products, I didn’t hesitate and I bought the magazine with box.

You could already read a post about the unboxing. In this post I gave you my thoughts on a couple of products I tried out immediately. And then there were some products I wanted to test for a couple of weeks before doing a full review, like this Precleanser from Rainpharma…

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Beauty: Unboxing the Deauty-box

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A couple of weeks ago, I bought the magazine “Goed Gevoel”, a magazine about health, psychology, sports, fashion, beauty, food and kids. I like reading this magazine occasionally as it usually has interesting articles.

But this time there was an extra reason to buy the magazine… it came with a Deauty-box for only 6,90 EUR extra 🙂 A colleague of mine had given me the tip so I already knew what was in the box… and it was definitely worth paying the 6,90 EUR for!

Read on as I will reveal to you what was in the box…

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