Beauty ‘n Fashion: Unboxing the Deauty-box


A couple of weeks ago, I bought the magazine “Goed Gevoel”, a magazine about health, psychology, sports, fashion, beauty, food and kids. I like reading this magazine occasionally as it usually has interesting articles.

But this time there was an extra reason to buy the magazine… it came with a Deauty-box for only 6,90 EUR extra 🙂 A colleague of mine had given me the tip so I already knew what was in the box… and it was definitely worth paying the 6,90 EUR for!

Read on as I will reveal to you what was in the box…

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, might have seen my Insta-Story about the unboxing, but for those of you who haven’t seen the videos, I will reveal it all below!

What is Deauty?


Deauty actually stands for ‘discover beauty’. Every month, Deauty puts together a beauty-box consisting of products of different brands. In the box you’ll find luxury samples or entire packages, worth way more than the 16,95 EUR it’ll cost you for one month.

The offer varies monthly and in the box you will always find a booklet in which you can read more about the products and their use.

I haven’t subscribed to Deauty yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. It gives you the opportunity to learn about all these products which sounds very appealing to me!! Curious? Here you can read more about Deauty!



With the April edition of “Goed Gevoel”, came a Deauty-box, put together in collaboration with the magazine. I already knew what was in the box as my colleague had filled me in, but still I was a bit anxious opening it 🙂

The box is very beautiful and sturdy and I loved the caption “be your own kind of beautiful”. Let me tell you what I found inside!

Head and Shoulders (sample of 90 ml)


This is a large sample of the classic shampoo of Head and Shoulders.

Head and Shoulders is a brand which is known for its anti dandruff shampoos. If you don’t have dandruff, you can of course still use their shampoos.  I tried out this shampoo and I was pleasantly surprised. It really is a fine product to use and the smell is really nice. This shampoo can be used on all hair types, even on a daily base.

This is a brand I hadn’t bought before, but now I have tried it out, I might just buy it next time I go shampoo-shopping!

Rainpharma – Advanced Precleanser (sample of 20 ml)


This is a large sample of a Rainpharma product. I am currently using this product and you can expect a review in a couple of weeks time!

Essie – Nailpolish (normal size)


This nailpolish has a very soft pink colour which is perfect for a neutral manicure. As I always go to a nailartist, I will only use this nailpolish on my toe nails.

I do however like the colour and Essie has good quality nailpolishes. Top product if you ask me!

Garnier SkinActive – Hydra bomb tissue mask (normal size)


I have already written a review about this tissue mask a couple of months ago and I only had positive things to say about it. I still frequently use it so I was chuffed to find it here in the Deauty-box!

L’OrĂ©al Paris Elsève – Extraordinary Oil Oil-in-Cream (normal size)


This is a product I would not normally buy, but when I found it in the box, I really wanted to try it out. I will do a review once I have tested it out for a few weeks, so stay tuned!

Kueshi – Nutrix Caviar Eye Contour (normal size)


I am really happy with this full size (30 ml!!!) tube. What I read in the booklet made me very curious as it sounds all very promising. I am always in search for the perfect eye cream… perhaps this is it!? You’ll find out as soon I have tested it out for a couple of weeks.

Institut KaritĂ© Paris – Shea Hand Cream: Rose Mademoiselle (normal size – also comes in a larger size)


As soon as I took this tube (30 ml) out of the box, I loved it… what a cute print! I tested it out  immediately and was pleasantly surprised.

This hand cream has a soft, delicate fragrance of Rose, which doesn’t smell artificial at all. It is perfect to use during the day as it is really light in consistency. It doesn’t feel greasy at all and my skin absorbs it really well. Definitely a good product if you ask me!

And that sums it up I guess. All these products for only 6,90 EUR!! Well done I’d say to Deauty and Goed Gevoel 🙂 Now the normal Deauty-box costs 16,95 EUR. If the content is as good as this, I think it’s definitely worth its money…

Do you have a subscription on a beauty-box? Which one? And do you recommend it? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Kathleen



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