Beauty rewind n°2

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Time for a new beauty rewind! In this post I will fill you in on the past 20 beauty posts that appeared here on ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’. I will tell you which products I still use, which I wouldn’t buy again and which are my absolute favourites!

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Beauty : Bath oil

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In winter I like taking a long hot bath as some of you may already know. I usually enjoy lots of bubbles from one of my favourite bath foams of which you could read in this review, but when my skin is a bit dry I prefer using bath oil. Read more about the bath oil I use!

Beauty : Mylène – facial peeling

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I already told you about the Mylène homeparties my friends and I organise regularly. We like getting to know new products in the comfort of one of our homes, enjoying some wine and tapas…  Read all about this facial peeling!

Beauty : Red lipsticks

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I like wearing a bold red lipstick… it is the perfect accessory in my opinion! Wearing red lipstick instantly boosts my make up ànd my spirit! At the moment I’ve got three red lipsticks that I regularly use. All three different shades of red. Read more about my red lipsticks!

Beauty : Mylène – Bath foams

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I like taking a bath… a very long bath… preferably as hot as possible! I like my bath with lots of bubbles… heaps of bubbles… preferably divine-smelling bubbles! And for those bubbles, Mylène comes to the rescue 🙂  Read more about my favorite bath foams!

Beauty : Mylène – Mink oil

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In several beauty posts I already mentioned Mylène, a Belgian beauty and skincare brand, which sells through homeparties. Every couple of months, some friends and I come together at someone’s home, we gather around the table with some wine, tapas… and Mylène products! One of these products is an absolute classic : mink oil. Read more about Mylène’s mink oil!

Beauty : What to pack for a weekend break!

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Last weekend my husband and I went on a weekend break to Holland. You can read all about our adventures really soon in tips ‘n trips, but in this beauty post, I reveal what I packed into my beauty case… Read what I packed on our weekend break!