Beauty : Body scrubs


It is important to scrub your skin frequently to get rid of all the dead cells. Now this summer I have been using Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster for face and body to get me a tan. The why’s and how’s you can read in this post. When using a self-tan product, your skin really needs that weekly scrubbing session or else you end up with layers of self-tan product that don’t look that flattering…

A body scrub  is part of my weekly skin care routine and I usually use one of these 2 products : My Wellness Wash & Scrub and Bain Body Scrub. Both products are from Mylène, a Belgian brand of beauty and skincare products which sell through home parties. This year Mylène celebrates its 50th birthday so it is known by various generations of Belgian women.

The Wellness Wash & Scrub (see picture above) is a body scrub you can use in the shower. It’s kind of a two-in-one product : you get to scrub your skin whilst cleansing it. It is a quick way to scrub, so ideal if you don’t have much time on hand. The package is handy as it has a hook by which you can hang the bottle in your shower. The product smells really soft and fresh. Natural scrubbing particles do their work gently and free your skin from dead cells.

To do a more elaborate scrub, I use Bain Body Scrub. This sea salt body scrub must be used on dry skin so in my opinion does its job better than the ‘Wash and scrub’. It is an oil-based product, so your skin doesn’t only get its scrub, but also an intense hydration. This scrub has a fresh menthol scent. After using the scrub, you have to rinse it off with warm water. You immediately feel the result. Your skin is hydrated and soft.

Bain body scrub from Mylène.

I have been buying these products on Mylène home parties for years now. Both products do their job and both products can be recommended. So what are you waiting for… off you go scrubbing those dead cells !

Love, Kathleen

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