A happy 2017

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foto van Kathleen Buytaert.

Another fresh new year is here…

another year to live!

To banish worry, doubt and fear,

to love and laugh and give.

The bright new year is giving me

to live each day with zest.

To daily grow and try to be

my highest and my best.

I have the opportunity

once more to right some wrong

to pray for peace, to plant a tree

and sing more joyful songs.

William Arthur Ward


With this beautiful poem from William Arthur Ward, I want to wish all of you the happiest and loveliest new year… a good health, exciting adventures and why not win the lottery this year 🙂

So cheers to a good, fab and lovely 2017!

Love, Kathleen

Have yourself a merry little Christmas…

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foto van Kathleen Buytaert.

Carols in the distance,
laughter everywhere…
I can smell Christmas
floating in the air.

Candy canes and bon bons…
angels top the tree.
There’s presents over yonder.
one for you and one for me!

Tinsel wrapping round and round,
candles light the night,
making Santa’s journey
sparkly and bright.

A very merry Christmas
to you and your family my friend…
May your New Year bring happiness.
and may the joyful times not end.

Love, Kathleen