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Stretching is obligatory after a run ! Even when it is raining... Love Kathleen #blog #thegoodthefabandthelovely #blogger #fitness #jogging #running #morning #morningrun #sunday #sundaymorning #stretching
Stretching after my morning run… now that’s something you’ll see me doing quite often in October  !

It’s been a while since I had my first challenge (you could read all about it here) so it’s time for a new one, don’t you think?!

For the month of October I set myself a physical challenge. I like jogging (as some of you who follow me on Instagram already may have noticed) but the past years I have discovered that the month of October is crucial… I tend to stop running and start my winter break extremely early… That is of course due to the changing of the weather and the shortening of the days. But to avoid that this year, I set myself a challenge… and to make it even harder I share this challenge on my blog! I took my first challenge to a good end, so why not this one ?  Let me tell you all about it!