Today’s quote : love yourself

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance – Oscar Wilde


Now you don’t have to be a narcist, but believe me… you’ve got to love yourself as you will be spending your entire life with yourself !

I have been there myself… as you could read in this post. I truly lost myself, I didn’t love myself anymore, I was like a stranger to myself. But thanks to my loved ones and my determination to beat this as quickly as possible, I found a way out. I started to love and appreciate the people and things around me again, I started to love life again, I started to love myself again…

And that also relates to you. Love who you are, accept your flaws, appreciate people and things, embrace your body and if there should be anything you cannot live with… change it ! If you can’t love yourself the way you are and what you stand for… who the hell would be able to love you ?

When you love yourself, you’ve got this aura over you which is appealing to others. You will become more approachable and you will be able to make some lifelong friends (including yourself !). So why shouldn’t you love life and love yourself ?

If you read this and you think : yes, but this or that… well, then take a little time to think how you can change the this and that into something you can be happy with. You can’t expect miracles, try to be inventive with the things that lie within your reach. Start with small things, things with immediate effect. That way you get fast rewards which will make you love yourself more easy.

So start loving yourself today ! Life will be so much more beautiful if you do…

Love, Kathleen


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