Beauty : Estée Lauder – Perfectly Clean


To me a cleanser must do exactly what it is supposed to do… cleanse your skin ! Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean (multi-action cleansing gelée/refiner) goes even one step further…

Next to cleansing your skin, it also gives it a gentle exfoliation, leaving your skin really pure. It is more expensive than the supermarket cleansing products I previously used, but a tube of this product lasts me a whole year so actually it comes out cheaper !

I use the product at night to remove my make-up. You only need a little bit, add some water to make it foam and cleanse away all dirt and make-up from the past day. The product has a subtle, fresh scent. There are little scrub particles, so your skin is thoroughly clean. Unlike a usual face scrub, you can use this product daily.

As you can read, this product has many benefits. That is why it quickly became part of my daily skincare !

And one more thing : preparing this post, I got to find out that there is also a similar Perfectly Clean cleanser, but with a mask instead of a refiner in it… I will probably buy that cleanser too one of these weeks, so I can use both Perfectly Clean cleansers alternately ! If I do buy it, you will certainly read my thoughts on that product as well on this blog.

Love, Kathleen


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