Belgium : In Flanders Fields – part II

View towards Diksmuide and the river Yser from the roof terrace of the Yser Tower.

Last week you could read part I of my In Flanders Fields trips. This week I tell you more about a short trip I did with my youngest daughter Elizabeth on a windy Saturday at the end of July. As my husband and son went to a football match, Elizabeth and I wanted to spend our time more wisely and we went to Diksmuide. 

Diksmuide is a small town near the river Yser at the coast in Belgium. This river was very important during the Great War, as the Belgian Army opened the canal locks. This resulted in a flooding of the surrounding countryside and because of that the German Army was obliged to retreat.

We went to the Yser Tower where you can visit the ‘Museum at the Yser’. This museum has 22 floors. You start by going up by elevator until the 22nd floor where you can see the surrounding countryside either at the panorama hall or at the roof terrace. Then on your way down, you visit the 22 levels of the museum which reflects on two aspects : what remains of life (impact on the soldiers and the civilians) and what remains of the land (impact on the landscape).

Another view from the Yser Tower, this time towards the famous Flanders fields.

After visiting this museum we ate a delicous pancake (with icecream…) at ‘De Tapperie’, a tearoom/restaurant near the Yser tower. Then we had only a little time left to walk around the town of Diksmuide, before we had to pick up our football fans…

The beguinage in Diksmuide, which is currently being restored.
The post office… quite fab if you ask me !


A last look at the Yser with Yser Tower and off we went !

During our walk around Diksmuide I wanted to do a shoot for an outfit-of-the-week post with my daughter as the photographer. Oh my… did I have fun during this shoot ! My 12 year old daughter is quite the dedicated photographer as she even lay down on the floor at one point to get the composition she wanted ! She kept on clicking as I walked towards her to help her get up again. I will certainly include a picture when I help her get up from the floor as it turned out a fun picture ! She did a great job and it was hard for me to choose the photos for my post as there were so many ! Keep following this blog as this outfit-of-the-week will be posted in September.

In all we just had a three hour visit, but we did so much and I enjoyed it especially as a trip with just my youngest daughter doesn’t happen very much. We must do it again some time !

I hope you enjoyed these 2 posts about ‘In Flanders Fields’ and perhaps you are persuaded to visit this beautiful, fascinating part of Belgium !

Love, Kathleen

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