Quote of the day : kindred spirits

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world” – L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables)

What a fun group of bloggers… Sitting : Sarah and Zoë       Standing up from left to right : Ines, Silke, yours truly, Elodie, Elisse, Fobe, Lena, Nikki, Romina (with little Frankie in her tummy!) and Merel (thank you very much Merel for letting me use this photo!)    Credits : Merel Kistemaker http://crvy.nl/

Since I started blogging in June, I joined Bloggerscafé, a Facebook group of Dutch and Flemish bloggers. This group is great if you have some blog related problems and questions of which I have many as I am still a beginner. And boy is there a lot to know about blogging! The questions I have… well… a bottomless pit! So now and then I ask a question on this Facebook group and I am learning from other people’s questions as well.

Last Sunday I had a meeting with some fellow bloggers of Bloggerscafé. This meeting was the first time I met up with kindred blogger spirits.

I was actually a bit nervous… not knowing what to expect and also realising that I definitely was the odd one out in this group of 12 bloggers : 10 students or recently graduated and looking for a job, 1 pregnant blogger who’s in her (very) early thirties… and then there was me… the odd one out in 2 different ways : age (43 going on 44) and experience… (I may have double the life experience of some of these co-bloggers… but I am waaaaaaaaaaay short of blogging experience!) But actually that didn’t put me off at all. I’m eager to learn, I’m eager to make this blog work and I’m eager to put in the work to make ‘The good, the fab and the lovely’ a nice spot in cyberspace!

Even though I didn’t know any of these ladies, we had one thing in common… blogging…  After the first hesitant hello’s we went strolling through the Antwerp streets, perfect for those get-to-know-eachother conversations… By the time we had our lunch, we were chattering away and we all got along really well. The good thing was that my lack of blogging-experience and my excess on age did not bother anyone! Kindred spirits apparantly don’t bother about these things 🙂

Another thing I really liked was that I did not have to feel embarrassed when photographing my drink or sandwich as everyone took out their camera to do the same. And I did not have to feel uncomfortable to make pictures with my Iphone to share on Instagram…

This meeting was really casual and low-key so perfect for a first-timer like me ! A typical bloggersmeeting, organized by a PR company, would have scared me off so I want to say a special thanks to Ines for organising this meeting !

Kindred spirits… there actually really are a lot of them… you’ve just go to have the courage to look for them… do so, it really is an eye-opening experience !

Love, Kathleen

Please take a look at these lovely ladies’ blogs !

Ines (personal blog in Dutch) – http://insins.me/
Merel (personal blog in Dutch) – http://crvy.nl/
Romina (personal blog in Dutch) – http://www.bigcitylife.be/
Silke (fashion & lifestyle blog in Dutch) – http://www.alifelounge.be/
Lena (personal blog in Dutch) – http://www.mona-lena.be/
Zoë (lifestyle blog in English) – http://foodfashionfabulousthings.tumblr.com/
Sarah (fashion & lifestyle blog in English) – http://www.sarahkafif.be/
Fobe (fashion & lifestyle blog in Dutch)- http://www.littlebibsy.be/
Elisse (personal blog in Dutch) – http://www.Bijgebrekaanbeter.be/
Elodie (personal blog)- http://www.cestquilafille.be/
Nikki (fashion and travel blog in English)- http://www.Chroniclesofagingergirl.blogspot.com/

6 thoughts on “Quote of the day : kindred spirits

  1. Ik vond het ook heel plezant! Leuk om je te ontmoeten 🙂 Zo fijn inderdaad om gelijkgestemde zielen tegen te komen. In mijn directe omgeving zijn er niet zoveel mensen die ook bloggen (of er zoveel tijd in steken als ik), dus is het echt plezant om mensen te ontmoeten die ook zo graag hobbybloggen 🙂

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