Beauty : Erborian – CC crème


Not long ago I bought my first Erborian product. The Pink Perfect Crème, of which you read the review here. Now I am quite impressed with this product as you could read and I said so to the shopkeeper so she kindly gave me some other Erborian samples to try.

One of them was this CC crème of which I was, again, an immediate fan.

This skin perfecting cream helps to boost radiance, but it also hydrates, camouflages, gives you a natural colour ànd  has an SPF of 25. This product really is a lot in one ! It smells quite neutral and when rubbing it on my skin I immediately notice the light tint of beige it gives which, in my opinion, even intensifies after a little while.

After using the sample, I bought a small tube of the product (15 ml) to try it out a bit longer. And the longer I used it, the more I liked it ! This past summer I have hardly used my foundation as I come to think of it… This CC crème is so natural looking and is so easy to use as it has this SPF, so my skin was always protected.

Now with fall coming I will use my foundation more often, but this CC crème is a product I will definitely have in my beautycase for years to come…

So another winner for Erborian ! I’m becoming quite the follower…

Love, Kathleen

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