Today’s quote : happy little accidents

We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents – Bob Ross


Of course I make mistakes (I won’t go into detail now if you don’t mind 🙂 ), everybody does. But isn’t this quote just the perfect perception on how to look at mistakes ? Isn’t it perfect for those things in life that didn’t go as planned ? That aren’t executed as you wished ? If you look upon them as happy little accidents, they don’t seem so bad now do they ?

Life can be tough, things can go really wrong sometimes. Sometimes you just don’t have control of things and sometimes you can really screw things up… but if you see your mistakes as happy little accidents, you can get to see the funny part of it. And to approach a mistake (or better… a happy little accident) with a healthy dose of humor, it makes it more doable. You can see an end to it, but perhaps even more important, a beginning on how to handle the mistake. And if a problem doesn’t seem that big, you’re more willing to tackle it. You won’t look up at it like this giant mountain you just don’t know how to climb.

So from now on… take this advice to heart… there are no such things as mistakes… just happy little accidents ! Will you try and see your mistakes with a little humor ? It will certainly help you to fix them… good luck !

Love, Kathleen

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