Beauty : What to pack for a weekend break!


Last weekend my husband and I went on a weekend break to Holland. You can read all about our adventures really soon in tips ‘n trips, but in this beauty post, I reveal what I packed into my beauty case…

1.Vichy Pureté Thermale Micellar water 

Some time ago, I won this micellar water from Vichy (you can read my review here). I have been using this product in the mornings since then and I have become quite the fan! It works perfectly, it feels fresh on my face and it doesn’t dehydrate my skin as ordinary lotions do. It also removes all my make-up, even my mascara. It was ever so handy to take this product on our weekend break as I needed to pack only one thing to cleanse my face!

2.Mylène Hydra mask

My friends and I have regular Mylène homeparties and this sample I got at one of these evenings. I frequently buy this product. It is a multi-use product. You can use it as a hydrating mask (then you put a thicker layer on your skin and remove it after 10-15 minutes) or you can use it as a serum underneath your normal day cream (then you apply just a tiny bit of product).

On this break I was glad to have taken it with me. On Sunday we had a day at a wellness resort. All this heat and water dehydrated my skin, so before leaving, I used this product as a mask. I left it on for ten minutes. My skin really absorbed the product and recuperated quickly.

3.Biotherm Aquasource gel

I got this sample from Biotherm at the Elle Summer Tour in Bruges at the beginning of August and decided to take it with me on our weekend getaway. This Aquasource gel can be used in the mornings as well as at night. Normally I use two different products (e.g. a hydrating cream in the morning and an anti-aging cream at night), but for a short break it was ever so handy to only take one product.

I am using this sample in the mornings and I will do a review on it this product in a couple of weeks. It’s a large sample (20 ml) so I will be able to use it long enough to form my opinion on it. Keep checking my beauty posts if you want to know my thoughts on this product !

4.Erborian CC Crème

Last week you could read my review on this CC crème from Erborian. I’m ever so happy with this product, so it couldn’t be missed on this weekend break ! Especially after our sauna visit it was handy. I didn’t want to put heaps of make-up onto my face, so after applying the hydra mask I just put on some CC, some mascara and I was good to go home !

5.Vichy Idéal Body serum/milk

To hydrate my body I took with me another Vichy product I won. I’ve already written a review so if you want to read a more elaborate opinion, you can check it here. I finished the bottle of serum when on our weekend break, but I will be going to the pharmacist to buy a new one. I am so satisfied with the results ! After our sauna visit, my body was glad to get hydrated with this product ! It smells so fresh and my body feels so soft after using it. Definitely to be recommended !

6.Catrice eyeshadow palette ‘absolute nude’

For my weekend break I packed 1 of the 3 Catrice eyeshadow palettes I’ve got (you can read the review here). I went for the nude palette. It gives me enough different colours to do a light day make-up and in the evening, I can build it up to get a more defined evening make-up. So again perfect for a weekend break… only one eyeshadow palette but lots of possibilities with it!

7.MAC Eyebrow set

For my eyebrows I have been using this set ever since my MAC make-up tutorial. You could read my review on the product a couple of weeks ago. I can hardly do without this eyebrow set nowadays. It just finishes my make-up off so I definitely had to take it with me on our break !

8.Rimmel wake me up mascara

The final piece of make-up I packed was this Rimmel ‘wake me up’ mascara. I have been using this mascara for about a month now and next week you get to read my review on the product. I’d say… stay tuned !


So that’s all I packed in my beauty case… I mainly opted for multi-use products or samples, but on the other hand mainly products that I’m used to for not getting surprises like allergic reactions !

We thoroughly enjoyed our short break in Holland… it was so relaxing… and I so want to go back already !!! Very soon in tips ‘n trips you can read all about our weekend getaway so make sure you read that !

Love, Kathleen

4 thoughts on “Beauty : What to pack for a weekend break!

  1. I hear an awful lot about Vichy, and it seems to be a great range over here in Europe! They have a glow-inducing serum I tested out the other day- stunning!


    1. Oh I don’t know that product yet ! Will you do a review ? The serum/lotion is so good I must say… but now I bought body lotion in the wellness resort I went to yesterday… I will give that a try now 🙂 When I use something I like I’m like “I will buy that again !”, but then I fall in love with another product… life can be tough sometimes 🙂 Love, Kathleen

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol I need to buy it first, but if I do, I’ll be sure to do a review ^^ and I know the feeling! It’s quite rare for me to repurchase products as soon as they’re all done, because I like testing different products!

        Liked by 1 person

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